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Lydia Fitch's Sampler.jpg
Lydia Fitch stitched three sets of the alphabet, one set of numbers, Flowers at the bottom of the sampler, and a border surrounding it. Stitches used: Cross, Chain, Eyelet, Four-sided, Stem, Rice.

Betsey Bruce's Sampler.jpg
The name “Betsy Bruce” appears at end of one alphabet. Below the alphabets is the inscription:
"Seize Mortals seize the present hour Lifes a short summer
Man’s a flower he dies alas how soon he dies. E. B. 14 Y.”
Stitches used: cross, Algerian…

Diana Austin's Sampler.jpg
This sampler features two script alphabets to “X,” and there are also two block alphabets: one with 26 letters and one to “W” with “NOPQ” not worked but a space left for them. At the bottom of the sampler, is a two-story house (in perspective) with a…

Rebecca Starkweather's Sampler.jpg
There is a border, three sets of the alphabet, two sets of numbers, one done in part, a poem stating "This needlew/ork of mine cantell when I a child was le/ earned well and by my parnts i was taug/ht not then to spend my time for nought". Stitches…

Chloe Allen's Sampler.jpg
Chloe Allen's sampler, made of a border, two sets of the alphabet, flowers, and a poem, stating "Loveth so the Lord...". Stitches used: Cross.

Sarah Borden's Sampler.jpg
Sarah Borden's sampler contains three sets of the alphabet and one set of numbers and a border. Stitches used: Cross stitch

Melisa Usher's Sampler.jpg
Her sampler is made of three sets of the alphabet and two sets of numbers. Stitches used: Cross Stitch.

Mary Brown's Sampler.jpg
A sampler with multiple alphabets, a set of numbers, a verse stating "In thy fair book of the divine/ my God inscribe this to me/ There let a field some tumble Place/Beneath the slaughtered Lamb" Stitches used: Cross, Chain, Satin, Stem, Straight,…

Katherine Mayo's Sampler.jpg
This sampler by Katherine Mayo of Roxbury, MA, dating to 1773. Katharine included the inscription: "KathaR / INE MAYO IS / MY NaME NEW / ENGLaND IS MY / NaTION ROXBVRY IS MY / DWELLING PLACE AND / ChriSt is MY SalVatION / When I aM Dead & MY BONES /…

Elizabeth Holland's Sampler.jpg
Three block alphabets; no "J" or "U." All alphabet letters and words in inscription done in alternating colors; geometric crossbands (some of them geometric flowering vines) separate all rows. Silk embroidery thread on linen ground. STITCHES: cross,…
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