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Lydia Fitch's Sampler.jpg
Lydia Fitch stitched three sets of the alphabet, one set of numbers, Flowers at the bottom of the sampler, and a border surrounding it. Stitches used: Cross, Chain, Eyelet, Four-sided, Stem, Rice.

Harriet Eggleston, 1838.jpg
Harriet Eggleston's sampler is surrounded by a border, containing four sets of the alphabet, one set of numbers, images of flowers at the bottom, and a verse, inscribed, "This I have done that you may see/What care my teacher took of me." Stitches…

Betsey Colcord's Sampler.jpg
Betsey Colcord's sampler had two complete sets of the alphabet and one set of numbers, as well as two incomplete alphabets, and one alphabet that has repeating letters. A paper label was attached to the sampler that read: “Betsey T. Colcord / July 3,…

Susanna Goodale's Sampler.jpg
Two sets of the alphabet, one set of numbers. Inscribed with "Preformed by Susanna /Goodale Thetford August 5th" Stitches used: Cross and Tent

Eliza Ricker's Sampler.jpg
Eliza Ricker's sampler contains three sets of the alphabet, a set of numbers, a border made of flowers, and a poem that states "Teach me to feel anothers woe/ And hide the fault i see/ That mercy i to others show/ That mercy show to me"

Rebecca Starkweather's Sampler.jpg
There is a border, three sets of the alphabet, two sets of numbers, one done in part, a poem stating "This needlew/ork of mine cantell when I a child was le/ earned well and by my parnts i was taug/ht not then to spend my time for nought". Stitches…

Melisa Usher's Sampler.jpg
Her sampler is made of three sets of the alphabet and two sets of numbers. Stitches used: Cross Stitch.

Mary Brown's Sampler.jpg
A sampler with multiple alphabets, a set of numbers, a verse stating "In thy fair book of the divine/ my God inscribe this to me/ There let a field some tumble Place/Beneath the slaughtered Lamb" Stitches used: Cross, Chain, Satin, Stem, Straight,…

Arvilla Grover's Sampler.jpg
Arvilla Grover's sampler shows four sets of the alphabet, a set of numbers, two pieces of writing, a house, and animals, bordered by vines and flowers. Stitches: Cross, Chain, Eyelet, Four-sided, Long and short, Rice, Satin, Straight

Martha Slocum.jpg
A sampler made with the alphabet, numbers, a house, and a garden. Bordered with a geometric design. Stitches: Cross
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