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Lydia Fitch's Sampler.jpg
Lydia Fitch stitched three sets of the alphabet, one set of numbers, Flowers at the bottom of the sampler, and a border surrounding it. Stitches used: Cross, Chain, Eyelet, Four-sided, Stem, Rice.

Harriet Eggleston, 1838.jpg
Harriet Eggleston's sampler is surrounded by a border, containing four sets of the alphabet, one set of numbers, images of flowers at the bottom, and a verse, inscribed, "This I have done that you may see/What care my teacher took of me." Stitches…

Hannah Magill's Sampler.jpg
Hannah Magil's sampler has three sets of the alphabet, a set of numbers, a border around the sampler, and an image of a house, plants, and animals. Stitches used: Cross and rice.
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