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Anne Chase's Sampler.jpg
American samplers from the first half of the eighteenth century are exceedingly rare. This delicate example is ornamented with floral motifs that evoke the Baroque style of the seventeenth century. Although unfinished, the piece is inscribed at the…

Rebekah White's Sampler.jpg
The pastoral courting scene embroidered beneath the lettering on this sampler relates to the more formal tent-stitch needlework pictures created by Boston girls during this decade. Salem samplers are characterized by long filling stitches made from…

Molley Russel's Sampler.jpg
Block upper-case alphabet; letters colored alternately; no "J" or "U." Numbers 1 to 0. These rows, together with rows containing verse, all separated by narrow crossbands, including sawtooth and dentil patterns. Below verse, three wide crossbands:…

Sarah Silkin's Sampler.jpg
Family genealogy is centered above pair of weeping willow trees. At sides of sampler, vines with roses and buds twist around columns and continue upward forming an arch at top. One death record and worker's name at bottom, below weeping willow trees.…

Sarah Stone's Sampler.jpg
A sampler filled with floral motifs. Stitch Types: Cross, Buttonhole, Eyelet, Longarm cross, Running, Satin, Reversible and Diagonal cross, Double running

Betsey Hamlet's Sampler.jpg
Alphabet, floral and poem sampler created by Betsey Hamlet.
Types: Cross, Eyelet, Satin, Stem, Split, Back

Anna Lyford's Sampler.jpg
A sampler with floral and animal motifs, as well as the alphabet and numbers. Stitch Types: Cross, Long and short, Satin, bullion

Anna Green's Sampler.jpg
A sampler filled with borders and the alphabet, images of plants and animals, and a poem, made by Anna Green, Stitch Types: Straight

Clarissa Dryer, 1820.jpg
Clarissa Dyer's Sampler. It has a floral border, an alphabet done in blue and two in white. There are animals at the bottom of the sampler, as well as a house and field. The inscription reads: "The Lord is Good, a strong/ hold in the day of trouble/…

Sarah Collins' Sampler.jpg
Sarah Collins' Sampler is filled with bands of embroidery, as well as two copies of the Alphabet. There are flowers and plants. Stitch Types: Satin, Back, Double Running, Reversible and Diagonal Cross, Montenegrin is possible, throughout
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