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Anna Green's Sampler.jpg
A sampler filled with borders and the alphabet, images of plants and animals, and a poem, made by Anna Green, Stitch Types: Straight

Anna Lyford's Sampler.jpg
A sampler with floral and animal motifs, as well as the alphabet and numbers. Stitch Types: Cross, Long and short, Satin, bullion

Anne Chase's Sampler.jpg
American samplers from the first half of the eighteenth century are exceedingly rare. This delicate example is ornamented with floral motifs that evoke the Baroque style of the seventeenth century. Although unfinished, the piece is inscribed at the…

Arvilla Grover's Sampler.jpg
Arvilla Grover's sampler shows four sets of the alphabet, a set of numbers, two pieces of writing, a house, and animals, bordered by vines and flowers. Stitches: Cross, Chain, Eyelet, Four-sided, Long and short, Rice, Satin, Straight

Betsey Colcord's Sampler.jpg
Betsey Colcord's sampler had two complete sets of the alphabet and one set of numbers, as well as two incomplete alphabets, and one alphabet that has repeating letters. A paper label was attached to the sampler that read: “Betsey T. Colcord / July 3,…

Betsey Hamlet's Sampler.jpg
Alphabet, floral and poem sampler created by Betsey Hamlet.
Types: Cross, Eyelet, Satin, Stem, Split, Back

Betsey Bruce's Sampler.jpg
The name “Betsy Bruce” appears at end of one alphabet. Below the alphabets is the inscription:
"Seize Mortals seize the present hour Lifes a short summer
Man’s a flower he dies alas how soon he dies. E. B. 14 Y.”
Stitches used: cross, Algerian…

Chloe Allen's Sampler.jpg
Chloe Allen's sampler, made of a border, two sets of the alphabet, flowers, and a poem, stating "Loveth so the Lord...". Stitches used: Cross.

Clarissa Dryer, 1820.jpg
Clarissa Dyer's Sampler. It has a floral border, an alphabet done in blue and two in white. There are animals at the bottom of the sampler, as well as a house and field. The inscription reads: "The Lord is Good, a strong/ hold in the day of trouble/…

Diana Austin's Sampler.jpg
This sampler features two script alphabets to “X,” and there are also two block alphabets: one with 26 letters and one to “W” with “NOPQ” not worked but a space left for them. At the bottom of the sampler, is a two-story house (in perspective) with a…
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